NPP, NDC, polarising the country too much – Christian Council

Accra- The Reverend Dr Cyril Fayose, General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, has expressed concern over the seemingly political polarisation in the country as Ghana prepares to go to the polls next year.

He said there was currently so much polarisation, enmity, acrimony and division in the country as the main political parties try hard to topple each other.

He said the situation had gotten to the extent that whatever the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) says, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) would say the opposite and whatever the NDC says, NPP will say the opposite.

It is almost as if they say what they say just to score political points. They don’t really care about the society any longer, Rev Fayose, worriedly expressed this to the Ghana News Agency in an interview on Thursday.

He said: we want to remind them that when our Lord Jesus Christ came to the world, one of the things he did was to serve God and Humanity.

And so, as politicians, entrusted with the mandate to take care of the people, that should be their principal concern and not to appease their political affiliations and themselves.

Meanwhile, Rev Fayose has asked Christians to remember to emulate the big sacrifice Jesus Christ made for them as the world marks Easter, an important event for most Christians all over the world.

He said the celebration of Easter was about forgiveness, giving and sacrificing, and about the love of God, who sent his son to die for the world and to reconcile it unto himself.

Source: Ghana News Agency