NPP Jomoro Constituency disassociates from calls to remove CEO of Ghana Gas

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Accra, Nov 1, GNA- Members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Jomoro Constituency have distanced themselves from calls for the removal of Dr Ben Asante, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Gas Company from office.

Mr Simon Amoah, the Constituency Chairman told the Ghana News Agency that his constituency was part of the three Nzema Constituencies and he did not endorse the approach adopted by some members of the NPP in the Ellembelle Constituency to resolve their issues with Dr Asante.

He said that apart from some members of the NPP in Ellembelle Constituency who were calling for the removal of Dr Ben Asante, the other two Nzema Constituencies, Jomoro and Evalue Ajomoro Gwira, support Dr Asante

Mr Amoah said the CEO of Ghana Gas provides support at his level to the party and individuals within the party.
“We will be much ungrateful if we blatantly denied that Dr Ben Asante has not in any way assisted the party since his appointment.

“We are aware that he supported each of the 3 parliamentary candidates and the party in the 3 Nzema areas in the 2020 elections with a substantial amount of monies.

Dr Asante, CEO of Ghana Gas gave equal opportunity to each of the three Nzema Constituencies in terms of employment since he assumed power.

Mr Simon Amoah also said Ghana Gas had initiated several projects such as the automation of the Half-Assini Hospital, the renovation of the Beyin Catholic School building, the construction of Half-Assini Town road as well as other town roads within the Jomoro Constituency through the efforts of the past and current Municipal Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Gas has renovated the doctors’ bungalow at the Half-Assini Hospital as well as the renovation of the Half-Assini Catholic School through lobbying from past and present Municipal Chief Executives (MCEs).

“We are very grateful for such gestures to promote the image of the party and the development of the Jomoro constituency. However, we are of the view that more can still be done on employment for the party youth, support for the party, and developmental projects for the people of Nzema since we are the most affected by Ghana Gas’s operations”, he said.

He said that the three constituency chairmen of the three Nzema areas planned to collectively engage Dr Ben Asante to demand more opportunities and support for their respective lands; Ellembelle, Jomoro and Evalue Ajomoro Gwira.

“We are therefore appealing to the aggrieved group to channel their concerns through the structures of the party and stop using demonstrations and violence because if all government appointees were to do what Dr Asante is currently doing, we believe most of the party youth will get a fair share of employment”, he appealed.



Source: Ghana News Agency


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