Normalised will be restored when COVID-19 protocols are strictly – Bishop Eyison

Accra, – To regain the old ways of socialising at churches, schools, and other in person activities, citizens must strictly adhere to the safety guidelines set by the World Health Organisation to stay safe from COVID-19 infectious disease.


The Right Reverend Professor Joseph M. Y. Edusa-Eyison, the Northern Accra Diocesan (NAD) Bishop, Methodist Church Ghana, told the media in an interview after the inauguration of the Ashongman Circuit of the Church.


The event took place at the Most Reverend K. A. Dickson Memorial Society, Ashongman Estates, on Saturday.


He said research had shown that global pandemics such as COVID-19, were not new but normal life resumed with the right interventions and the successive generations didn’t know about the outbreaks until the next one occurred.


He was speaking in an interview with the media at the inauguration of the Ashongman Circuit of the Church at the Most Reverend K. A. Dickson Memorial Society, Ashongman Estates on Saturday.


“COVID-19, I believe is a passing phase. History tells us that years ago, some of these things happened and we will overcome it and go back to our normal situation as it was,” he stated.


” I believe strongly that if we follow exactly what God wants us to follow through health workers, teachers and journalists among others, everything will be fine.”


Rt. Rev. Edusa-Eyison advised the public especially those who still doubted the existence of the COVID-19 to access the situation in the country and beyond, do research and listen to news extensively and they would know it was real.


“When you travel to other parts of the country, you realise that people don’t wear the mask and some believe it is the rich man’s sickness, but it is a disease for all. Maybe some people have a strong immune system and therefore to them, whatever they do doesn’t matter but not everybody is everybody.


“This disease is real and let us be cautious about it. Let us spread the good news about wearing the masks, washing hands with soap under running water, observing social distancing, and using hand sanitizers among others,” he advised.


The Bishop expressed contentment on how the protocols were observed extensively at many churches, especially the Methodist Church and encouraged them to keep it up.


On the recent announcement by the government to ban wedding receptions, he said the step was a reasonable one as the wearing of facemasks and the observation of social distancing were often uncommon at wedding receptions.


He said he believed the step would also reduce the costs incurred by the couple in the hosting of marriage ceremonies.


“The young ones are even praying that that measure should be sustained forever. Let’s attend the weddings and after that, you take your food packs and leave,” he added.


The Very Reverend Paul Kwaku Ntiri Adu Jnr, the Superintendent Minister of the Ashongman Circuit during the event, pledged his preparedness to lead the Circuit and its societies towards the right path amid the COVID-19.


With the help of the leadership and membership, he said, he would adopt appropriate evangelism and humanitarian strategies to win and maintain more souls into the Methodist Church.


Source: Ghana News Agency



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