No Man Is Powerful Except One

THE WORLD often describes some people in politics, security services, businesses or education as men and women of power and authority. But is there really any powerful human being in the world? Of course, there are, but theirs is not real power and authority that stand out. Actually, there is no true powerful human being in the world. There has not been and there will never be any. All men and women are simply flesh and blood.

A person who has no mastery over diseases, sicknesses, death and natural disasters does not really have power and authority. If a person has control over wickedness, lawlessness, evil, sin and the attacks of diseases and death, then, he or she is undeniably a person of power and authority. He is extraordinary, special, superior, preeminent, matchless and a superman.

But we know that no such person conceived of man has ever lived or lives. Both the rich and poor, educated and uneducated people including scientists and philosophers in Africa, America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Antarctica suffer worry, depression and fall helplessly at the sting of sin and death. It is sad how some educated folks gloat over the misfortune of the uneducated and the rich lord over the poor as if to suggest they are special and powerful. But they forget that no human being is really powerful; we all are but ephemeral beings.

Indeed, all humans are the same. Skin colour makes no difference. Racism and class systems are baseless. Therefore, let the mortal men and women of the world fear and humble themselves. Let us understand the futility of our pride, fall on our knees, lift up our hands and celebrate, revere, venerate and worship the only One who has mastery, power and authority over sin, wickedness and evil including diseases, sicknesses and death Jesus Christ.

In the days of His flesh, Jesus Christ demonstrated power and authority over evil. He never succumbed to the temptation to sin. He was never diseased in His body or soul. Words from His lips were infallibly potent. Thus stormy sea obeyed His voice and became quiet. At His command a fruitless tree withered and the dead came back to life. He spoke and evil spirits left possessed and oppressed men, women and children. Actually, He went about doing good only. Christ Jesus had power to lay down His life and take it again (John 10: 17- 18).

However, the words and gracious testimony of Jesus Christ sound crazy in the ears of many a person who is unregenerate. Thus, they call Him names. Generally, what people do not understand they call names. After hearing Jesus Christ said that He had power to lay down His life and take it again, a number of Jews said He was mad and had a devil. Others said, These are not the words of him that hath a devil. Can a devil open the eyes of the blind? (John 10: 21).

In fact, the hatred and rejection of Jesus Christ did not begin today. It actually started from the day He was born through to the day He was crucified and buried. And it continued even after His resurrection as we see today. The world doubts the resurrection of Christ. It wonders why no unbeliever saw Him after He was raised from the dead. But they do not know Christ had prophesied prior to His death that the world, that is, non-Christians would not see Him again after His death, but His disciples would see Him (John 14: 19).

And, now, even today, in Ghana and in many parts of the world, hundreds of people utter all manner of blasphemies against God. They say God is useless. But they do not realize that the uselessness of God is useful than the usefulness of man. And the worthlessness of the gospel is worthwhile than the worthiness of atheism.

It is inconceivable how a God the world claims to be imaginary and mythical should be popular than the greatest scientist or philosopher the world had ever seen. Generations after generations, the messages of this God continue to be preached and taught by both the educated and uneducated in every nation of the world. He is popular than the scientists and celebrities of the world combined.

He has great scientists, philosophers, engineers, lawyers, architects, academicians, farmers, journalists, wealthy business men and women following Him. We follow Him not because we are weak in mind, but because we are strong in mind with greater revelation and better understanding. We are not like many others who cannot see beyond their body. We have understanding of both the corporal and incorporal worlds.

After series of personal encounters with Jesus Christ, we are persuaded that He is not a myth but a mystery. Christ is not just a person of history; He is not like other men who just lived. Christ lived before time began; He lived when time began and continues to live endlessly. He is matchless and peerless.

By these divine experiences, we preach and teach in His name even to the point of death not because we lack the ability to reason but because we consider the preservation of our spirit man significant than the salvation of our physical man. Now, let the true Christian who is sealed with the Spirit of God remain resolute in His faith, looking unto Jesus with clear understanding that no man is powerful except Christ the Lord. Hallelujah!

Source: Modern Ghana