Nkoso) Initiative visits Trotor Orphanage Home

Accra� The Nkoso) Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), specialised in engendering local economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa, has visited the Trotor Orphanage Home in the Eastern Region.

The NGO outlined plans to establish a sustainable stream of income for the orphanage and engender development in the entire community through an agribusiness project in partnership with the community.

Reverend Joseph Dennis Nii Noi Quarcoo, the Organiser of the Nkoso) Initiative, said sporadic donations over the past years have not been enough to sustain the project with regard to the increasing number of orphans and meeting their needs.

He said the only way to help the community was to have a reliable stream of income to ease the burden on the orphanage.

Rev Quarcoo said there is the need to capitalise on the agribusiness project in the Trotor community, adding that some rural communities in Israel have benefited from this plan and can no longer be considered as rural communities, since they have accomplished communities with skilled labours and satisfactory income levels.

He said the initiative would be a concerted one between the orphanage and the community in the effort to help the orphans move from small scale to large mechanised farming.

For now, we are starting with a ten-acre plot of land where we have plans to plant pepper, ginger and okra respectively and hopefully finish our first season by April, he said.

Rev Quarcoo said the pepper specifically, will be processed into powdered pepper and part of it would be exported to Togo, where there is a ready market for the raw material.

He said the Trotor orphanage among other orphanage homes is the ideal place to render help and services because of the anonymous nature of the area and the fact that these orphans are in serious need.

Many orphanage homes in Accra in always in the limelight for their needs and they are well catered for but you can experience and feel it here that these orphans need attention as well he said.

Rev Quarcoo said the Department of Social Work in the University of Ghana has bought into the project and agreed to send social workers and students to partner with the orphanage, where the students will undergo two months of field work annually, to assist the caregivers.

Mr Kofi Richard, the Administrator of the Trotor BASCO School Complex and Orphanage Home, who is an old student of the school, said the school has helped them financially and academically to achieve unexpected heights.

He said the nkoso) Initiative would improve their standard of living and make life more bearable for the orphans.

Mr Richard called on government, gender stakeholders and members of the Trotor community to assist in making the project a success.

Some students from the University of Ghana, Social Work Department were present to interact with the orphans, gather experience and build them up academically.

Ms. Barbara Baidu, University student from the social work department, she realised that most of the children are very fluent and talented from the discussions they had, saying that their dreams could be achieved if they are being support profusely.

Calling on the government is very necessary but I always reiterate that the government is you and I and not necessarily those in higher positions because we have put ourselves first as individuals and what we can do to help she said.

Fun games such the sack race, tire races among others were organised between the orphans to galvanise and bring smiles on their faces.

Group blue were the dominant side among the other groups, as they proved too strong for their counterparts.

Source: Ghana News Agency