Nigeria’s economic policies yielding results: president

LAGOS- Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said Saturday in Lagos his administration’s economic policies were making the desired impact, evidenced by steady growth in the economy in the last three years.

The Nigerian leader told a town hall meeting that he had kept his promise to boost the economy, through blocking leakages in government finances, increasing capital expenditure and inflows, and implementing the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, among others.

Buhari said he was a strong believer in the importance of investing in infrastructure to promote development.

He also highlighted completed and ongoing projects in the transport and aviation sector, expressing delight that the rail projects were generating excitement across the country because it would help local businesses to grow.

On future plans to sustain the positive economic outlook, Buhari said the government would raise more revenue to boost the economic fundamentals and increase the level and quality of government services in support of the private sector.

He told members of the private sector that his administration had also stimulated growth in the economy by adopting and implementing new strategies to deal with the security situation in the country and tackle rampant corruption.

The administration’s view on improving the economy, Buhari said, focused on a bottom-to-top approach.

Source: Ghana News Agency