ACCRA, Nigeria has expressed the desire to host the 8th Session of the Permanent Joint Commission for Corporation (PJCC) in Abuja Nigeria.

This is to review the implementation of the 7th session and discuss other new areas of interest at a mutually agreed dates by both countries.

Mrs Khadija Bukar A. Ibrahim, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, made this known at the closing ceremony of the 7th session of the Ghana-Nigeria PJCC in Accra on Friday.

She said both countries in the spirit of ECOWAS and the common heritage had come to realise that deliberations in meetings such as this remains the surest way to assure the people of not only protecting themselves but ensuring peace and security in the sub region was not taken for granted.

She expressed the hope that, the outcome and eventual implementation of the decisions reached would launch both countries to a new era in their bilateral relations.

Mrs Ibrahim urged all sub-committees to continue engaging themselves at their individual levels for the purpose of reaching a consensus in all the areas and the implementation plans to be followed and urged both countries to continue to find common ways of sustaining the tempo.

Albert Yankey, Chief Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration commended the two countries for the excellent work done to arrive at a consensus, and stressed that the effective implementation of the decision taken was key to the fulfilment of the vision of the session.

He said the session came out with nine agreements, including Educational Cooperation, Economic Trade Cooperation, Cooperation agreement to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons with emphasis on trafficking in women and children, bilateral air service agreements, and cultural cooperation.

The other agreements were; on youth development, development of special economic zones investment relations, transfer of sentenced persons and MoU on diplomatic consultations.

He noted that failure to follow up on issues agreed on both sides would mean wasted time, energy and resources, urging technical experts on both sides to bear that in mind.