Nigel Gaisie gives detailed insights of how true prophets operate

A prophet who has vowed to go against the restrictions from the Ghana Police Service over doomsday prophecies on December 31st watch night services is Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

The founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel says there are true prophets whose prophecies are not fake.

He, however, noted that no prophet can ever have 100 percent of all prophecies come true.

In an interview with Accra-based Power FM, the prophet said true prophets pray against calamities which is why certain prophecies never come to pass as they say.

“The best way to differentiate between fake and real prophets is whether their prophecies manifest. No prophet has a 100% record on prophecies. It can never be 100% because we pray against some things and we also sometimes see things halfway. The sign of boldness is also another factor,” he stated.

The prophet describes the directive from the Ghana Police as a restriction on God since prophets are the spokespersons of God, who may be speaking to them concerning the possible happenings in future.

Source: Modern Ghana