NiDO Nutrition day: Parents urged to give wards balanced diet

Accra, – Nestle Ghana Limited, a consumer goods company has held its NIDO Nutrition day with a call on parents and caregivers to adopt the habit of giving their wards a well-balanced diet.

This was done as part of the company’s commitment to contribute towards healthy lives for individuals, families and the nation at large.

The event, held at PRESEC Staff Basic School at Madina in Accra, was attended by more than 400 parents and caregivers, urging them to provide wards with well-balanced diet with the concept of ‘Go, Grow, and Glow foods.

‘Go foods’ are diets that give energy for activeness, having fats and carbohydrates with examples as bread, cereals pasta and potatoes.

‘Grow foods’ are those that help one to grow tall as well as strong and protein foods with examples as chicken, fish, egg, and milk.

‘Glow foods’ on the other hand, are those that keep the body well and are foods rich in vitamins and minerals with examples as fruits of all nature, and vegetables.

The event was characterised with series of talks, drama, games, quizzes to emphasise the essence of proper nutrition for children and properly monitoring the resting periods of wards.

At the end of a challenge thrown to mothers on the knowledge acquired on the day, Madam Rosemond Tetteh, emerged the winner and went home with packs of NIDO products.

In an interview with Madam Tetteh, she said the programme was educative and enlightened her on the time frame the child should rest and how to feed her children.

Madam Nana Esi Inkoom, the National Director for School Health Education Programme at the Ghana Education Service said their partnership with Nestle NIDO had been very instrumental in helping children to develop through the eye opening outreaches.

She urged teachers to be observant of their pupils to report any change of performance in their academic for immediate remedies to be rendered.

She urged all mothers to feed their children with the required food nutrients as it would go a long way to assist in preparing their minds for academic activities.

Source: Ghana News Agency