NGO constructs 10 boreholes in Akatsi North communities

Akatsi North, (V/R), Water for Rural Africa, a Non-Governmental Organisation has constructed 20 boreholes in Akatsi North communities in the Volta Region to provide access to clean water.

Some of the beneficiary communities include Agormor, Ave-Avevi, Kpevi, Avevoe, Atsinuve, Buvikope among others.

Dr Donald Senanu Agumenu, Founder of the NGO, announced this when he provided water storage facility to the Avevoe community in the Akatsi North.

Dr Agumenu said the NGO drilled a borehole for the Avevoe community but realised the water was contaminated and decided to provide the storage facility to enable them to connect water from Agormor to serve the community.

He said samples of the contaminated water would be sent to the laboratory to determine the cause of the problem.

According to the Dr Agumenu, during the team’s visit to the Avevoe community, an old woman asked him: my son what sins have we committed to be denied clean water ever since I was born?

Dr Agumenu said he was touched by the woman’s statement to embark on the project because the Akatsi North communities were faced with serious water challenges, which he believed was a basic necessity for human consumption.

He said the communities relied on stream water for their cooking and drinking, which posed health concern and called on the authorities to be proactive and give them the needed attention.

He said the NGO was established to champion the provision of quality water in rural Africa, adding that in three years, the organisation’s vision was to drilled 10,000 boreholes in the continent.

Dr Agumenu said their outfit was poised to meet the target of the Sustainable Development Goal six- that is access to safe water and sanitation and sound management of freshwater ecosystems, which the NGO believed were essential to human health, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

Togbe Adelakpui III, the Chief of Avevoe, Akatsi North District, expressed gratitude to the management of the organisation for assisting the community to solve its water challenges.

According to the Chief, the community used to walk more than 10 miles to Agormor in the next village to get a stream water to drink and for other household chores, but the provision of the facility had brought relief to the community.

Source: Ghana News Agency