New Western Regional Commander calls for a vigilant society

Sekondi- DCOP Felix Fosu-Agyeman, the new Western Regional Commander of Police has entreated the public to be alert, watchful and vigilant to avoid victimization from miscreants in the society.

He said miscreants often studied the behaviours and social lives of individuals before attacking them and urged advised individuals to be security consciousness.

DCOP Fosu-Agyeman who said this during an official engagement with the media in Sekondi pointed out that, “never assume that nobody can victimize you despite your social status…treat everybody as a suspect, irrespective of how well that person dresses and raise the level of your personal security”.

He said security continued to be a shared responsibility on the part of the police and the public and urged the public to voluntarily give credible information for follow-ups, but cautioned that when you are coming to us, don’t tell people around that you are going to the police”.

On kidnapping, the Commander entreated the general public to be modest in the display of their wealth, inform close relatives of their where about and avoid being deserted places.

He also urged parents to have good relationship with their children, adding, Relate well with your children and resolve all misunderstanding which often push children away from home….most of the missing cases we have reported is as a result of this”, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency