Nestle educates mothers on good nutrition

Ho, Nestle Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of the World’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company has held a public forum for parents in Ho to arrest under nutrition in children.

The event dubbed “Nido Nutrition Day” educated mothers and caregivers on the importance of good nutrition through a series of talks, drama and games.

Mr John Dzikunoo, a Nutritionist, advised parents to be attentive to the nutritional needs of their children.

He said they must ensure children did not skip meals especially breakfast which helped in brain function.

Mr Dzikunoo also asked them to ensure children did not stay up late watching movies as they needed between eight to 10 hours of rest to repair body tissue and brain function.

He cautioned the parents against drinking alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding because it could hamper the brain development of children.

Madam Lena Mawunyo Doh, Guidance and Counseling Officer of the Ghana Education Service in the Municipality said kids who skipped breakfast or lacked basic nutrients in their meals looked dull in class and unhealthy most of the time.

Madam Doh advised parents to live up to expectation and not shirk their responsibilities.

In a quiz competition held for the parents on nutrition, Madam Joan Nyonator, a middle-aged woman beat other competitors to emerge winner, and took home a scholarship package of 500 cedis for her child and other prizes.

Source: Ghana News Agency