NDC election in Assin South called off

Assin-Darmang (C/R)� A near brawl with accusations and counter accusations between some executives of the Assin South Constituency National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Saturday marred its delegate’s conference which was later called off.

The inability of the Party to provide food and pay for the transport fares of the delegates infuriated them when news got to the delegates that there was nothing for them.

Mr Dawood Aboagye-Dadzie, the current Constituency Secretary, had told delegates that the Party did not have funds to pay them because its coffers were empty and some polling station agents told them to reschedule the elections to look for funds.

Earlier, the delegates were seen raining insults, casting aspersions and making wild allegations of misappropriation of Party funds by constituency executives.

There was also an uneasy calm at the polling station as various supporter groups and delegates clashed over allegations of vote buying and accusations that some perceived members of opposition parties, particularly the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had allegedly throng the venue.

They claimed that political opponents had infiltrated their fold to influence delegates to select weak executives who could not win power for the Party in the 2020 polls.

Some delegates who spoke in an interview with the Ghana News Agency pleading anonymity, described the situation as ‘shameful’ and demanded accountability of various unaccounted items and sums of cash given the party executives prior to the 2016 polls.

They accused the constituency executives of seeking for their personal and parochial interest instead of the collective interest of the Party.

“They said: “We will not vote until we get our food and transport fares. They have cheated us for long. No money, no vote”.

However, the timely intervention of the Police calmed tempers down but that did not stop the delegates as they chanted war songs.

Source: Ghana News Agency