Navrongo gets new Paramount Chief

Navrongo (U/E) � Pe Dennis Aneakwoa Belinia Adda, a fire officer was at the weekend formally Enskinned as the new Paramount Chief of the Navrongo Traditional Area.

He succeeds Dr Augustine Atudeku Belinia Adda who died on September 13, 2015.

Addressing a durbar of elders, family and friends and well-wishers, the Upper East Regional Minister, Mr Rockson Ayine Bukari called on the traditional council to support the new Chief to develop the area.

Mr Bukari who has been re-assigned to assume the position of a Minister of State at the Presidency, said the traditional council has now moved from the period of contest to that of work towards promoting the culture and tradition as well as the welfare of the people of Navrongo.

He said it was a moment for them to rally round the status that united and gave them sense of pride, adding that it is time for every citizen of Navrongo to assert his or her role in building the traditional area by pulling your energies and resources together.

Mr Bukari urged them to let bygones be bygones, and said it was normal for them in a competition, brothers and other relations may step on one another’s feet, and indicated that it was noble for the winner to be humble and the loser to be gracious.

The out-going Minister said Navrongo was of age and everything must be done to protect its sanctity and dignity. I therefore call on the Navro-Pio to reach out to all and vice versa.

He said even though the elders and kingmakers had done well so far, they were not yet done because they had a bigger responsibility to support the king to succeed in his reign, and further assured the entire traditional council of the unflinching support of the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The President took keen interest and supported preparations leading to the enskinment of the Navro-Pio. It was this same concern that brought the President here to pay his last respect to the late Navro-Pio on July 29, 2018, Mr Bukari said.

Pe Adda for his part, said with the honour bestowed on me and indeed the awareness of the significance of this responsibility, I declare my commitment and readiness to commence traditional leadership.

He expressed gratitude to the head of family and elders of the Royal clan of Yufebia and their cousins � Doba, Nangalikinia, Wura with whom they share tradition and custom, and the eight divisional chieftains of Doba, Wusungu, Bavugunia, Pindaa, Nyangua, Manyoro, Yua and Natugnia for accepting the odious duty conferred on them by tradition and custom.

Pe Adda used the opportunity to call on the people of Navrongo to remember that they had moved on as one people and had come this far not only because of the ability or vision of their leaders, but because they had remained faithful to the ideals of their forebears.

He disclosed that he would launch an educational endowment fund for brilliant but needy students to be called Doctor A.B.A Adda Educational Endowment Fund to help develop the youth as future leaders of Navrongo Traditional Area.

Source: Ghana News Agency