National Youth Authority to enhance coordination to bolster delivery

Accra, The National Youth Authority (NYA) will focus on enhancing coordination with other youth employment agencies to better address youth unemployment.

Mr Steven Mensah Etsibah, NYA Programmes Director, said there was no duplication of policies across youth employment bodies including the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP) and the Youth Employment Agency (YEA); adding that, government would use coordination to strengthen them.

The synergy among us is very good because we are now focusing on unemployment and skills development, which cuts across all our platforms. Because we have varied demography of registered youth, we have to target them accordingly, Mr Etsibah stated at a youth dialogue session with youth development agencies in Accra.

The dialogue was organised by the Foundation for Security Development in Africa (FOSDA), a civil society organisation, on the theme promoting transparency, accessibility and inclusiveness in Government youth development initiatives through information sharing.

Mr Etsibah said government was also looking at bringing all youth development agencies under one body to be known as the Ghana Youth Development Authority with a constitutional mandate to harmonise and coordinate activities.

He said that it behoves institutions that were to work in the interest of young people to build channels of relationship with the youth.

He said this dialogue is a pre-engagement to a major dialogue that would be held with key stakeholders from industry in a bid to move youth development from the auspices of philanthropy or social welfare to corporate responsibilities.

Mrs Theodora Williams Anti, Ghana Youth Development Enhancement Project Coordinator, said the dialogue was to help youth groups understand the current operations, modules and programmes of the various youth development and employment agencies especially since there is new government.

She said it was also a platform to share information on the beneficiary selection and recruitment processes and opportunities in these agencies.

Head of Business Support Unit of the NEIP, Mr Franklin Owusu Karikari, said the organisation had a primary objective of providing an integrated national support for start-ups and small businesses focusing on the provision of business development services, business incubators and funding for youth owned businesses.

He said the public sector could not employ everybody, so the NEIP wanted to bring an entrepreneurship drive that would have a population that was empowered to create jobs that were sustainable in the future and could compete on the global stage.

He added that government had funded the NEIP with about $10million, and expected the programme to scale the funds up to about $100million.

The Acting Research Director of the YEA, Agya Yaw Nsia, said the new direction of government was to approach youth unemployment not just from creating jobs, but also tackle job creation from a policy angle.

He said the YEA was now under the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relation, and was already having discussions on having a local content bill and also a youth labour guarantee programme in that respect.

He also hinted that the agency was working to improve their exit strategy to ensure that when beneficiaries completed their two year engagement they do not end back on the streets.

Source: Ghana News Agency