National Justice for Children Policy Launched

A policy aimed at improving the conditions of children who come into contact with or at the risk of coming into contact with the law has been launched in Accra yesterday.

‘The Justice for Children Policy’ has come at the heels of the government’s continued commitment and efforts to put people, especially, children first.

The Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mrs Nana Oye Lithur, who launched the policy, indicated that the policy was to lay the foundation for an effective child protection system, with aspirations towards one that is strengthened to protect all children who come into contact with the law either as offenders, victims or witnesses.

She stressed that the policy builds on existing structures for increased responsiveness to the needs of children and better protection from harm and exploitation whilst ensuring greater cooperation between the formal and the community justice system to work together as a cohesive national structure that ensures access to justice for all children.

“As signatory to the African Charter on the Rights commitment of and Welfare of the Child (CRC) and African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (AFRWC), we have a collective duty to safeguard the rights of children; a duty to make sure that our children are safe from harm” she intimated.

She added that, “enhancing our child protection system would remain one of government’s key areas of concern because it is linked with our sustainable development and growth as a nation.”

Ms. Susan Namondo Ngogi, a representative from UNICEF, commended Ghana for demonstrating leadership, commitment and a positive track record to the rights of children including those who even violate the law.

She expressed joy for the launch of the policy and hoped for a greater commitment to its implementation.

The inspector General of Police, Dr. John Kudalor, in a keynote address, paid tribute to Mrs Lithur for a good work done and all other stakeholders through whose efforts the policy has seen the light of day.

He was optimistic the fruits of the labour of the working group would be seen in the full scale implementation of the policy.

Mr. Richard Quayson, the Acting Commissioner of CHRAJ, encouraged all stakeholders to hold themselves to the full implementation of the policy.

Source: Government of Ghana.