Nandom NCCE fosters police-community collaboration for peacebuilding


The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has taken measures to foster strong collaboration between the Ghana Police Service and the civilian community in the Nandom Municipality towards promoting peace and security in the area.

A dialogue session in the Bu Community was, therefore, organised by the Nandom Municipal Directorate of the NCCE to enhance the trust needed between the security agency and community members for effective law enforcement and community safety.

It was under the European Union (EU) funded: ‘Preventing and Containing Violent Extremism Action in the Northern Regions of Ghana (PCVE).’

Mr Issahaque Tivengnang Angme, the Nandom Municipal Director of the NCCE, said the dialogue was to discuss effective ways of maintaining peace in that community before, during and after the 2024 general election.

‘This activity is aimed at creating platforms where officials of the Ghana Police Service and the communities will interact to defuse suspicion and build trust to improve police-community
relations and confidence,’ he said.

‘By fostering mutual trust, understanding, and cooperation, this approach can address the root causes of radicalisation, enhance community resilience, and create a safer, more inclusive society.’

Inspector Ankora Enoch Delali of the Nandom Municipal Police Command, said violent extremism posed a major threat to national security, community stability and individual safety and stressed the need for strong collaboration among stakeholders at all levels of society to prevent it from plaguing the nation.

He indicated that fear, mistrust and division among others were breeding grounds for violent extremism and should be jealously guided against.

‘Traditional policing methods alone are insufficient to counter issues. The relationship between the police and the communities is critical in fostering a cooperative environment essential for identifying and mitigating extremist threats,’ Inspector Delali said.

Reverend Dr. Stephen A. Koya, the Chairperson of the Nandom Municipal IP
DC, stated that violent extremism was a threat to national security, sanity, stability and safety.

He, therefore, reiterated the need to take measures to facilitate and sustain meaningful police and community trust, cooperation and collaboration in providing early warning signs of violent extremism for the necessary action to be taken to foil it.

These measures should include building trust between the police and the community, ensuring community-friendly police services and increasing attitudinal change, mutual recognition, acceptance and respect of the dignity and integrity of the police and citizens among others.

He encouraged the community members and groups to serve as watchdogs and ambassadors of peace to ensure peace prevailed before, during and after the 2024 general election.

‘As much as possible and practical, we have to resort to genuine alternative dispute resolution methods in all challenges.’

These are inbuilt into and stem from our culture, tradition and history as a people,’ Rev. Dr. Koya

The forum brought together traditional and religious leaders and the people of Bu Community to interact with the Police Service on promoting peace and security in the community.

Source: Ghana News Agency