Nana Amamfo-Nyansa Kyeame launches book on cultural practices

Accra, A 131 page-book titled: “Twer3 Kronkron ne Amammer3”, which seeks to educate the Ghanaian populace on good cultural practices that has been discarded due to Christianity and modernity, has been launched in Accra.

The title of the book which is translated in English as ‘The Bible and Culture’ was authored by Nana Kwarteng Amamfo- Nyansa Kyeame, a broadcast Journalist and a Marriage Councellor.

The book written in Twi, a Ghanaian local dialect covers 71 chapters.

It was born out of the Sankofa show hosted by Nana Kyeame on Vision 1 Fm, an Accra based radio station which airs on Saturdays from 1400 – 1700 hours.

Speaking at the launch, Nana Kyeame said:” the success of every nation depended on its culture therefore there is the need for Ghanaians to go back to their root.

He said that a lot of Christians have thrown away their cultural practices because they think its devilish but that was not the case.

He said a research shows that many of these practices are contained in the Holy Bible hence its not a sin to practice them.

He said mobilising resources for the production of the book was not an easy task “the book had to come out because I believe it is a good book and would transform the lives of many “, Nana Kyeame said.

He urged every Ghanaian to get a copy of the book from Vision 1fm’s front desk at a price of GHC 30 and at the various bookshops in the country.

Reverend Issac Oppong, a Pastor of Anointed Pentecostal Church who chaired the occasion, called on Ghanaians to get a copy of the book because it spells out how God want people to live on earth.

He said “most of us have deviated from the way God wanted us to live on earth” hence this is the opportunity for us to learn and go back to our roots.

Mr Danso Abeam, the Chief Executive Officer of Givers Scientific Herbal Clinic and sponsors of the Sankofa show, said that his outfit deemed it fit to sponsor the program because its educational qualities.

He urged other organisations to also sponsor programs of such nature not only for third benefit but that of every Ghanaian.

The book is part of the author’s project of making known to the Ghanaian populace, the connection between the Holy book and culture.

This is the second book the Author has released since the commencement of the project four years ago.

Last year (2016), the Author released a book title “Words of Wisdom” which according to him, was accepted by many Ghanaians.

The Author, out of the same project has formed a religious organisation known as Sankofa, a group that seeks to educate people on traditional culture and Christianity.

Nana Kyeame has practised Journalism for 17 years and aside his career as a broadcast Journalist, he also holds a Diploma in Auto Engineering.

Source: Ghana News Agency