My one-man demonstration was successful – Moshake

Accra- The promise by Mr. Stephen Ashitey Adjei, a politician of Tema, to stage a one-man demonstration against government over job placement discrimination against the youth of Dade Agbo, in connection with the on-going port expansion project came off on Tuesday.

Mr. Ashitey Adjei, who is popularly called Moshake, marched through the streets of Tema with the Police and the media in town.

The one-man march started from the Amen basic School and coursed through the principal streets of Tema. It later snaked into the beaches of the Dade Agbo electoral area in Tema New Town, before coming to a stop at final destination Tema New Town Council Line.

The demonstration also attracted attention from Togbui Datsomor Adelashie ll, Ewe Chief of Tema New Town, and the Tema Sakumo Wulomo, Numo Ashiboye Kofi ll.

The two chiefs were full of praise for Moshake for his public spiritedness.

People stopped whatever they were doing to catch a glimpse of the plain-talking politician, who decided to carry the cross of the voiceless youth of Dade-Agbo.

Amidst curiosities, people also showered him with water and encouraged him with loud ‘ayekoo’ (more grease to your elbows).

Many wanted to join him in the demonstration against what he called a double-whammy perpetrated against the youth of Dade-Agbo, however, the Police prevented them from joining as his letter of demonstration said he would be alone.

The demonstration was meant to jolt government and the Meridian Port Services (MPS) for discriminating against indigenous youth in the contract for the expansion of the Tema Port.

Rather, people from outside of the area, and indeed outside of Tema are the ones who are sought after and given these jobs that could have at least reduced the joblessness of the area a bit, Moshake lamented.

Two weeks ago, he said, the double whammy was unacceptable urging government to call MPS to order or incur a one-man demonstration.

He followed his threat up with an 18th September letter to President Akufo-Addo, vowing to demonstrate if the government did not do anything about MPS’ alleged discrimination.

The security agents duly provided guard, with personnel of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and police chiefs from the regional CID, including; Chief Supt. Kwakye, the Community One district Police Commander, together with his men keeping in tow.

In the address, Moshake repeated that it was tantamount to economic and occupational injustice for MPS to offer jobs thrown up by the port expansion project, to people outside of the Dade Agbo area, to the neglect of the youth of the area.

It is totally unconscionable because, apart from the fact that discrimination is bad, these very people are at the ones at the receiving end of the troubling tidal waves that this same project has brought to their area, Moshake said.

He announced that the Tuesday demonstration was not going to be last, and that until the government forced the MPS to do the right thing, he will demonstrate for justice for the people of Dade-Agbo.

Source: Ghana News Agency