My New Year Message To Nana Akufo Addo

Your Excellency, I bring you greetings from the good people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa. I wish to extend my best wishes to you and your family, as you celebrate the beginning of another year. I wish you prosperous and joyous New Year, deeply from my heart.

Your Excellency, I hope you will forgive me for extending my message to you relatively late. I have always tendered in such important messages timely. Unfortunately, this year, I forgot to scribble my piece earlier. The reason is simple. The euphoria for Christmas and new year has suffered a near extinction. Your intelligence should corroborate this if and only if your men are actually on the ground.

The untold hardship and suffering in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa and by extension, the entire country has reached a crescendo. In 2017, you promised us prosperity because your government had just started and needed time to start rolling out the magic. Unfortunately by the end of that year, things had obviously deteriorated further to the dismay of all including your party folks. You, again, encouraged us with false hopes. Regrettably, 2018 became an era of profound lamentations. The ordinary people cried and prayed endlessly for salvation but their sufferings had escalated. Their savings and investments in banks had been locked up, many banks collapsed leaving many customers especially business men and women frustrated, fuel prices continued to record frequent hikes, the cedi falling like an epileptic patient while corruption continued to sour.

Your Excellency, I don’t want to be thinking about 2018 because reminiscence of that year brings tears into my face and a feeling of dejection and loss of hope. Abject poverty visited almost every household and lurked at the corridor of public servants who had to use their meager salaries to take care of the increasing cost of living. In the midst of these, you and those in the corridors of political power were busily devouring the public purse without shame.

Your Excellency, you made some of us to understand that you were an anti corruption crusader. I believed you at the time because you “apostled” the accolade with consistency. “I am incorruptible” became a leading headline of every speech you delivered. As I write to you now, I cannot still fathom why you suddenly changed from an anti-corruption crusader to a “corruption ambassador”

In practical terms, I now understand Abraham Lincoln’s postulation Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to know a man’s character, give him power.”

Your Excellency, you came to us saying you were incorruptible and that we should try you to change the destiny of this country. We gambled our fortunes and you gave you the mandate. The results we are getting so far are unspeakable so far as the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa are concerned.

Your Excellency, respectfully, let me tell you why I have described you “a corruption ambassador.”

You see, I have always said that corruption is as complex as the spider’s web. You cannot use rhetoric to win the fight against it. If you don’t take care it will catch you up and you may not be able to trace the source of it. That is the situation you have found yourself in. Corruption is commonly measured by public perception. That is why actions must be taken on allegations against government. I need not tell you that there are many corrupt allegations under your desk, most of which are allegedly perpetrated by people very close to you.

Surprisingly, some of these allegations didn’t come from just any individual but your own political appendages, civil society groups, the media and the opposition.

Any real incorruptible president would have taken serious actions but we see a president who publicly defends the culprits. You have made it clear that it is the opposition that is trying to smear you with corruption and therefore you aren’t interested in acting on such allegations. This, your “corruption clearance policy” you have adopted is a clear contradiction of your earlier position on corruption. You must do politics with consistent principles Mr. President!!

BOST saga, Kelni GVG, Website chop chop, [email protected] chop chop, Cash for seat saga, Maritime boss chop chop, Australia visa fraud saga, Bribery at the presidency saga, Oslu deal, Ameri deal misled saga among a host of famous allegations are being publicly defended by no less a person than yourself. Your actions and inactions are promoting corruption hence your new title “corruption ambassador.”

What is more annoying is your intimidating posture to mute responsible citizens and civil society organizations from exposing you. You call them “naysayers” and enemies of progress because they seek to point out such corrupt acts, policy infractions and institutional defects.

Your recent attack on the opposition and civil society organizations in your encounter with the press is only a manifestation of your abhorrence of democratic governance who gives voice to everybody, group or institutions that matter.

Your Excellency, I like one attribute of yours. You are very bold and firm but sadly, you are misusing that God given attribute. Yes! You are using it to pursue a certain parochial interest of building a political dynasty. History tells us that the strongest dynasty had always collapsed. It is unreasonable to be using political power under a democratic dispensation to build a political dynasty. It is only just to build mother Ghana. Ironically, anytime you and your government want to consider or implement any policy, you do it in blatant disregard to the feelings of those who gave you the mandate.

You never have your priority right. What you fail to appreciate is that political expediency exists parallel to nation building and national consensus.

You appointed an unprecedented number of ministers in your government and infiltrated state institutions with your party foot soldiers and ignored the complaints of the masses. You have been taking steps to change the political history of Ghana when we have many things to do. You made it an agenda and is busily working on it. Is this not political expediency against nationhood?

At the time we are facing some many developmental challenges including infrastructural deficit, you remain committed in destroying state buildings to build a national cathedral. When others raise issues, you say you don’t care?

At a time we have basic health problems including inadequate health personnel, inadequate health infrastructure, lack of ambulances and other logistics; you say that your priority is a certain dubious drone “distin”

You are bold in filling up family members in top government position irrespective of the feeling of the masses. That is too bad a boldness.

Most of your ministers are doing virtually nothing perhaps because they do not even know their roles. Yet you praise them all over. No wonder you were misled to loot through Ameri deal. Had it not been the competence and vigilance of civil society and the minority, you and your gang would have bolted away with millions and millions of cedis of the toils of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Your Excellency, you still have two year period to regain your eroded credibility if you really need it back. Kindly sit up, reflect and repent and then start all over. Let your vindictiveness be history from today, remove your heavy shoes of corruption and walk freely, tear of your garment of arrogance, stop changing history in favour of your family and rather work for history, throw away your archaic populist approach and join the hardworking populace, the ordinary farmer in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa, the ordinary teacher in Binduri and all other citizens to work harder to develop this country. Be guided by common sense to start a new path of national reconstruction. If you fail to reason with I, Denis Andaban, the village boy from Daffiama-Bussie-Issa, you shall fail brutally.

Your Excellency, we are ready to help you salvage this country from the shackles of poverty and increasing youth unemployment. We are ready to help redeem this country from a “begging country” to a “giving country”.

Once again, I wish you a very prosperous 2019.

My best regards to Rebecca and Garby.

Thank you.

Source: Modern Ghana