Muslims admonished to spread Allah’s word

Accra, April 18, GNA – The Greater Accra Regional Imam of the Ghana Muslim Mission (GMM) has admonished Muslims to endeavour to be part of the group that will help to spread Allah’s word to the world.

Imam Nurudeen Quaye said, “as Muslims you must always strive to be part of the group that ensures that Allah’s words spread around the world and be part of the processes that it takes to do so.”

Speaking at the third session of the Ramadan Lecture Series organised by the GMM on the theme: “For the sake of Allah, the heart desires of a practicing Muslim,” he encouraged Muslims not to relent in their efforts in spreading Allah’s words no matter what it took.

He noted that to be able to spread Allah’s words, muslims must develop their heart or faith through thorough understanding of the Quran.

“Assess the level of your heart, get the thorough understanding of the Quran and place that in your heart, so that it will direct you as to how to go about your affairs in the cause of Allah.”

The Regional Imam said until the heart of the Muslim was filled with the illumination of the Quran as the source of light, directing all the acts of worship in the cause of Allah, all actions directed at that could not be done right to attain the pleasure of Allah.

He said, as Muslims, after accepting all the Pillars of Islam, and Articles of Faith, there was the need to move forward in the right direction of Allah, and that would help establish the Muslim’s level of faith.

“After these the Muslim must also move forward to ensure the welfare of the Muslim community. See to the development and growth of the community, be it an association, a group, or organisation striving in the cause of Allah.”

Imam Quaye, touching on performing all acts for the sake of Allah (Fiisibillilah), noted that doing things for the sake of Allah emanated from three sources, that which was initiated by Allah, from the leader of the Imam, and one initiated by the individual himself.

“When Allah prescribes “Fiisibillilah” in the Quran, He communicates to a particular group of people and directs how that is done in His own way.”

He urged Muslims to try to balance the world and the hereafter and undertake acts for the sake of Allah, and perform all acts of worship with sincerity  to gain Allah’s pleasure and mercy, in this world and the hereafter.

Source: Ghana News Agency