Mr Samuel Asare Akuamoah

Accra, Mr Samuel Asare Akuamoah, the Deputy Chairman in-charge of operations at National Commission for Civic Education, (NCCE) has urged Ghanaians to relive their past positive traits to restore their national identity.

He said values such as nationalism, patriotism, honesty, respect, discipline, the sense as oneness, communal spirit, hard work among Ghanaians had dwindled in recent times and there was a need to restore these positive values for national development.

Mr Akuamoah said: As a nation, we have gone through a certain journey that now we realise we are losing most of the positive traits and identity due to current trends, we are no longer a model that most people in the global community used to accord us.

Mr Akuamoah was speaking at a forum with personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) in Accra, as part of activities to commemorate the NCCE 2017 Constitution Week.

He said the disrespect for law and order, abuse of office, indiscipline on our roads, corruption et al must be checked to rekindle the old values of discipline and love for Ghana.

He advised the personnel to discharge duties that that best defined the Ghanaian.

The nation-wide celebration on the theme: Restoring the Ghanaian identity: Our values; Our passion, is to remind Ghanaians that it is about time they embraced the values that defined us and protect our identity as a nation.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Paa Kwesi Adu Twum, said the change of the educational curriculum had failed to inculcate the desired positive values but was geared towards creating people to pass examination without having effective critical thinking minds to assess issues to distinguish between wrong and right.

He, therefore, urged the Government to introduce Civic Education to inculcate civic responsibility in pupils at their early stages through to workers in all institutions.

He expressed optimism that through the dialogue, key strategies for achieving national aspirations and restoring the Ghanaian identity would be defined and called on all to support the NCCE to properly carry out its duties.

Some Fire Officers, who shared their views on the subject matter, called on the Government to regulate the alcoholic beverage advertisements, which had negative impact on children, scrutinise films on televisions, which featured nude images and advised parents to keenly spend time with their children to train them morally and uprightly.

The activities for this year’s celebration include Citizenship Week, engagement with security agencies, national dialogue series, e quizzes and Spelling Bee contests in second cycle institutions.

Since 2001, the Commission has commemorated the Constitution Week to educate the masses on the importance of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, and it is expected to reach out to 10,000 schools nationwide this year.

Source: Ghana News Agency