Ministry completes exercise to capture real poor

Bolgatanga, � A household registration exercise to capture the poor and the vulnerable, deserving of social benefits in the Upper East Region, has been completed.

It was carried out by the Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministry through the Ghana National Household Registry.

The 38 days exercise covered all the 13 districts in the region.

Ms. Otiko Afisa Djaba, the Minister, said the goal was to correctly identify the poorest of the poor, who really needed to be helped out.

A credible, up-to-date single national household register from which all social protection programmes would select their beneficiaries was going to be established.

This has the high point of bringing about transparency and accountability in the implementation of these social protection programmes.

Ms. Otiko Djaba said 144,664 households out of a projected 210,000 were enumerated.

So far, 1,694 communities have been completed out of 1,826. We are still collating the data to synchronize other analyses needed to obtain the total figure for the exercise, she added.

The Minister announced that there was going to be a special reporting format to capture communities which were left out.

Mr. Rockson Ayine Bukari, the Regional Minister, underlined the importance of reliable data to development planning.

Data was vital to planning in all sectors of the economy – providing the baseline to measure whether progress was being made or otherwise.

Source: Ghana News Agency