Meeting for pastors and church executive elders end

New Nsutam (E/R) A three-day meeting for pastors and church executive elders oganised by the “Hand for Christ Mission International”, ended at the Mission’s headquarters at New Nsutam in the Eastern Region.

The programme, which was on the theme: “Improving our leadership” was aimed at sharpening the leadership skills of participants and to equip them with techniques to enable them to face challenges confronting their ministries.

Preaching a sermon, Rev. Dr. J. K. Amoh, Founder and Leader of the Mission, asked religious ministers not to regard the Bible and the Constitution as mere documents, but to study them and believe in them, so as to live by them.

The Founder urged those elected to responsible positions, to consider the Bible and the Constitution seriously so that the nation might be spared the spectrum of national destruction going on in some African countries.

Rev. Dr. Amoh reminded the 35 participants, some from other churches in the area, that as ‘shepherds’ of the ‘Christian flock’ (people), they must always be prepared to protect, serve and comfort the people of God, even at the peril of their lives.

According to him, God did not choose them for their vocation because of any outstanding attributes, but ‘because he wants to make you worthy of the care of His people’.

The Founder admonished religious ministers and their congregations not to sit on the fence, but provide alternative proposals that would help to promote national development.

“It is not enough to continue in the blame game, where everybody blames one another for the problems of the country”, he stressed.

He, therefore, called on Christians in the country to offer constructive suggestions to the government to help address challenges facing the nation, and entreated Ghanaians to abide by the principles and values that had sustained national peace.

Rev. Dr. Amoh said ensuring a peaceful atmosphere and credible socialization is a civic responsibility that every patriotic citizen was expected to play a role.

He remarked; “we must resolve to do everything possible and necessary to lend our quota to develop our nation”.

According to the “Man of God”, nation-building needed the collective effort of the citizenry, to help achieve the required impact.

Source: Ghana News Agency