Media urged to help build friendships

Beijing, China- Media in developing countries have been urged to help strengthen relations between their countries and China.

Mr Liu Yan’an, Assistant to the President of Beijing International Chinese College, who made the call, said the media had a unique advantage to build bridges to strengthen ties between China and developing countries.

Speaking at the opening of the 2018 seminar on Chinese Language and Culture for Press Officials of Developing Countries, he said language should not be a barrier to the pursuit of friendship.

The 21-day seminar which is organized by the Beijing International Chinese College (BICC) with sponsorship from the China Ministry of Commerce.

It aims at building bridges of friendship and cooperation between China and other developing countries.

Twenty six participants from ten developing countries are attending.

Mr Liu said deepening the understanding of the media on the language and culture of Chinese people would help them to offer the necessary support needed to strengthen relationships.

He said BICC would continue to provide support in the areas of training and exposure to help strengthen bilateral relationships between China and developing countries.

Source: Ghana News Agency