Martial Arts Instructor inducted into WOMMA Hall of Fame

Koforidua� Mr. Raphael Sylvanus Akoto, a Ghanaian Martial Arts Instructor, has been inducted as an Ambassador into the Martial Arts prestigious World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes (WOMAA) Hall of Fame, in Germany.

Mr. Akoto, was chosen for the award of Martial Arts “President of the Year” by the WOMAA-Team Germany, at Dinner Banquet held in Germany.

WOMAA International was formed in 1998 to host world class Martial Arts tournament every year in different countries.

Mr. Akoto, is the Country Director for WOMAA, Chung Do Kwan Ghana, Taekwondo Ghana and Chun Ki Do Association Ghana (Africa) and Chief Executive Officer of Chung Young Martial Arts Academy.

Mr Akoto began his study of Martial Arts (Taekwondo) in 1988 and formed martial arts (Taekwondo) clubs and taught the sports since 2004.

He studied and learned by means of the traditional instructor and discipline apprenticeship method and done substantial graduate work in Martial Arts theory and practice.

Mr. Akoto’s main academic areas of specialization are History and Philosophy of Martial Arts.

Mr Akoto currently holds the rank of Seventh Degree Black Belt in Hapkido and Fourth Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and title of a Grandmaster.

Source: Ghana News Agency


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