Managers of public institutions tasked to implement audit recommendations

Accra- Mr Ransford Agyei, the Acting Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, has expressed dismay about non-implementation of internal auditors’ recommendations by management of some public sector institutions.

He said more often when internal auditors had spent their precious time and energies to undertake exhaustive research and made recommendations on administrative challenges, the top echelon of the organisation abandon them on the shelves to rot.

He noted that when the management of public sector institutions took recommendations of audit reports seriously, it would ultimately lead to good governance and enhance service delivery.

Mr Agyei made the remarks at the opening of the annual Internal Audit and Governance Conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors-Ghana in Accra.

The event is on the theme: Impact of Leadership on Institutional Governance, which attracted heads of ministries, departments and agencies, managers and chief executive officers of public organisations and internal auditors across the country.

The event would create a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking and enable internal auditors to take stock of their activities and chart the way towards ensuring accountability, transparency and good governance in the public sector.

Mr Agyei advocated for improved remunerations and working conditions for internal auditors, and queried; ”why is that two persons with the same certificates and work experience working in the public sector are given different salaries”.

He said when the salary disparities in the public sector were resolved, it would not only bring equity in the salary administration of the country, but it would impact positively on leadership, accountability and transparency in public financial management.

Mr Agyei said the Agency had contributed significantly towards improving the practice of internal audit profession in the country by building the capacity of internal auditors and preparing the practice and guide manuals for auditors, as well as facilitating quality assurance in the various public sector institutions.

He urged management of the public sector institutions to support the work of internal auditors by involving them in management meetings, noting that, their ideas and suggestions would help in enhancing transparency and accountability.

”Internal auditors have made invaluable contributions towards the successful running of plans and budgets of public sector institutions with timely and accurate data to work, sound control systems, prevention and detention of corruption and financial malfeasance as well as saving huge amount of money for the state,” Mr Agyei said.

He said the work of the Agency had also improved the corporate governance system of the public sector, adding that, there was the need to support and upgrade audit practices in the country to meet international standards and optimise the use of public resources to ensure value for money.

Mr Agyei called for the utilisation of information communication technology in public institutions to achieve their corporate objectives.

Source: Ghana News Agency