Malta: safe haven for white South Africans

South Africa was popular with many white people as the climate is comparable to the climate of Europe. History of today sees a trend of many Whites leaving the country and settling down on the little island of Malta, besides retiring in other countries.

Many arrived in South Africa as adults with great hopes. Going into various types of business alongside the already over generations established white families. Many made a fortune in farming or the tourist sector.

The end of apartheid has changed the clock and circumstances. A significant number of white farmers have come of age. Some of them have no children or children unwilling to run farms or game reserves. They feel the heat and consequences of a 45% unemployment rate which means 12 Mio. unemployed -mostly black South Africans- with a population of around 40 Mio. citizens.

The white South Africans consider the overall situation of the country. They see the crime rate, and murder cases and look into the future areas. The outcome of their analysis makes a significant number of them leave back to Europe with the help of a busy consultant on the island of Malta.

The Rainbow nation of Nelson Mandela loses gradually one vital color that could stand for economic growth and political prosperity, instead seeing a brain drain right before history. People who have no certainty that their future is secured by a nation and its politics have no ambition to contribute to the development of the nation but rather silently move away with their hopes and dreams.

On the other hand, it can be observed that another set of white people enter the country of South Africa with fresh new ideas. Time will tell how this is changing the nation.

Source: Modern Ghana