Mali’s Growing Gold Economy- Desirable Mining Destination for Investors

BAMAKO, Mali, Sept. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the recent steps initiated by the Malian government to modernise and improve transparency in issuing mining licenses makes Mali, an ideal mining destination. Mali’s new Mining Code includes several innovations and adjustments. The 7th International Mali Mining and Petroleum Conference & Exhibition (JMP) organised by the Ministry of Mines of Mali, in partnership with AME Trade, thus provides an ideal platform for miners, investors, government officials and service providers to forge new business opportunities and partnerships.

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Lying on the gold-rich Birimian greenstone belt, Mali is the third largest producer of gold after Ghana and South Africa. The country is currently going through a boom in gold production and investors are viewing Mali as a desirable destination for exploring and mining gold.

Despite the boom, the country still has immense potential with most of its gold rich land unexplored. Prospects of gold mining are not only restricted to big mining companies but also to small artisanal miners.

JMP Mali for 6 years has served as a pathway for investments into Mali’s mining value chain aiming for the capitalization and development of Mali’s mining interest in the global market. The previous JMP event attracted over 900 visitors, including 372 delegates representing both public and private sectors. Yaté Dite Yaye Djiguiba from Toguna Agro Industries said, “JMP in 2015 was actually an appointment of giving and receiving. Such a meeting is very encouraging in a country like ours, to not only make business relations, but above all to know the different mining and petroleum potential of the sub-region.”

With the prospect of gold estimated to be positive in the next five years, JMP Mali 2017 is the ideal platform where participants will not only gain an in-depth insight into the dynamics of the metals market but mid-size and small miners will have the opportunity to meet and showcase to prospective investors.

With the likes of leading gold mining companies such as B2GOLD Mali, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Randgold Resources and many more participating at the event, attendees will get the opportunity to look into this commodity that is increasingly playing an important role in the global economy and precious minerals market.

The 7th Edition of JMP Mali comprising of three days of trade exhibition, workshops, conference sessions and discussions will focus on encouraging diversification, improving infrastructure, furthering economic development and increasing socio-economic benefits by bringing in investors from all over the world in a vastly untapped market.

JMP Mali 2017 aims to bring together experts and major industry players to delve into the issues and look into the prospects facing the resources industry.

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