Make hand washing a daily routine at home- Parents urged

Adaklu Kodzobi (V/R), Mr Benjamin Fumador, Director of Yayra Child Development Centre at Adaklu Kodzobi in the Adaklu district has called on parents to make hand washing a daily routine in their homes.

He asked them to make all items needed in hand washing accessible and also be role models in hand washing to their children.

Mr. Fumador made the call at a durbar organised by the Centre at Adaklu Kodzobi to mark this year’s Global hand washing day.

The day, which was on the theme: “Hand hygiene for all” was sponsored by Compassion International, Ghana, a child development organization.

Mr. Fumador said hand washing was the easiest and cost effective way of staying healthy.

He asked caregivers of the Centre to be advocates of hand washing in the community.

Mr. Fumador said the Centre was always providing the beneficiaries under their care with hygiene items like toilet soap, washing powder, Dettol, toothpaste and food supplements to make them healthy.

The Director reminded the people that the COVID-19 was still around and asked them to continue to protect themselves and their children by always observing all the safety protocols.

Mr. Benoni Agbematsi, Chairman of the Church Partnership Committee of the Centre said the day should be a reminder to all and sundry of the importance of hand washing.

Some beneficiaries of the Centre and form two students of the community’s Junior High School (JHS) demonstrated the accepted way of hand washing to the gathering.

Present were Mama Agbeewornu, Queen of the community, caregivers, staff and students of the community JHS.

Source: Ghana News Agency