Mahama Paid Graduates Ghc250 Per Month: NDC NABCo Beneficiaries Should Be Grateful To President Akufo-Addo

Under John Dramani Mahama, some 4,000 graduates were engaged as Environmental Protection Officers in 2016, I meant degree, masters holders and were paid Ghc250 per month which is approximately three times one month NABCO beneficiary allowance. Even that it took months to receive one month allowance. NDC insulted unemployed graduates under JM leadership.

I find it strange when I see NABCO beneficiaries especially the NDC guys trying so hard to sabotage Akufo Addo flagship program through unnecessary media accusations.

They should be grateful to President Akufo Addo government for initiating this great program which has engaged 100,000 unemployed graduates with each beneficiary receiving Ghc700 every month. NABCO beneficiary one month allowance under NPP is equivalent to three months allowance of environmental protection officers with the same qualifications under John Mahama.

Looking at this huge numbers, it will definitely take time for your stipends to be processed especially when government and private sector are undertaking massive permanent recruitments which have led to many beneficiaries leaving the program on monthly basis.

The Secretariat ought to exercise due diligence to ensure that only beneficiaries at post are paid to prevent another double payment which occurred under NDC.

Let’s us appreciate the effort of Akufo Addo government and enjoy the positive change under his leadership.

NPP is not perfect but better than NDC in addressing and caring for graduates.

Source: Modern Ghana