Local dishes popular with restaurant customers

Accra Ghanaian traditional dishes are increasingly becoming popular with restaurant customers in the capital city of Accra.

Omutuo, fufu and goat light soup, ampesi and kontomire stew, banku with tilapia or salmon, are the most sought after cuisines on the menu of many of the restaurants, especially during the weekend.

A visit to a number of places where people pay to sit and eat meals by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) confirmed this.

These included Phine’s Spot, Maggies, Hajia’s Touzaafi, Orgle Road Pork Joint and Abrewa Chop Bar.

The operators said patronage of the local dishes had been good in recent times.

As should be expected of any smart business people, they keep introducing attractive entertainment packages to woo more customers.

Some have attached grill joints to their restaurants where everything -sausage, gizzard, roasted guinea fowl, chevon, cabrito and mutton can easily be ordered.

The fridges and deep freezers are often stocked with assorted alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Source: Ghana News Agency