Live exemplary lives, chief urges Christians

Apam (C\R), Nana Ankamu Otabil III, the Chief of Gomoa Ankamu, has expressed concern on the rise of gossips, insults and curse pronouncements among some Christians.

He said it is not worthy for such Christians to receive Holy Communion because of such negative habits.

Nana Ankamu Otabill VIII said this during a service to climax the three-day feast of Corpus Christ organized by the Apam Parish of the Roman Catholic Church at Gomoa Ankamu.

Some Christians do not talk to each other, then after receiving the Holy Communion they go ahead to consume alcohol and practice other social vices which are against the tenets and principles of the Holy Bible.

He said it is also not worthy for a Christian to abandon his holy matrimony vow and chase other women.

Nana Otabil praised the Catholic Church for its developmental projects and appealed to the church leadership to utilize the land released to them by the town.

He called on Christians to serve God with humility, honesty and dignity because each and every one would give an account of his or her stewardship to God after death.

Very Reverend Father James Akpenyi, the Parish Priest, said many Christians are not satisfied with themselves whilst other are after the acquisition of material wealth.

Father Akpenyi said the church would soon put the land it has acquired to a very good use for benefit of the members of the church.

Source: Ghana News Agency