Life Boat Operators hail Tema Port Security Chiefs

Accra – Life boat operators plying at the Tema Port have praised the heads of security at the port, after the Security Chiefs undertook a sensitisation tour of the Port to alert the operators to the dangers of the coronavirus infections.

According to the operators, the tour was an eye-opener for them and helped to reinforce knowledge that they already had on the infections that was steadily degenerating into a global crisis.

We are extremely grateful for this sensitisation mini tour by our security chiefs here and are glad that through this mini tour, we are now armed with more useful knowledge on how to protect ourselves from possible infection.

We have long known, like everyone else who has been listening to the news about the coronavirus infections and how that deadly virus could easily be passed on by foreigners visiting our country, but today, we have also learnt that even among ourselves we have cause to be careful. Coronavirus is not only a foreign thing, said Mr. Joseph Lartey, Chairman of the Life Boat Operators.

Popularly known as Millionaire, he thanked the Head of Security at the Tema Port, Col. Joseph Malik Punamane for the sensitisation.

Col. Joseph Punamane led his charges, including Deputy Head of Port Security, Kingsley Darko, to go on the sensitisation tour and alerted the Life Boat operators to the fact that as port operators, they were in the frontlines of any possible infections from corona virus, if the ongoing global infections ever spread to Ghana.

Consequently, they said, there were the need for them to be extra careful with their personal hygiene, and not to take chances with anybody including; their fellow Ghanaians working at the port.

There is this misconception that somehow, the corona virus infections are for only foreigners, no; we have to be careful about everyone, including; even Ghanaians that are working around, for nobody knows the person who will first catch it, if it ever strikes, and we pray against that, Col. Punamane said.

Therefore he urged the operators to tighten personal hygiene practices at all times irrespective of whether they are dealing with Ghanaians or foreigners.

Also remember to be careful about how to associate with your own family members after you have closed and gone home. We are hopeful that God will spare us this infection, just like he did with ebola, but still there is no room for carelessness, Col. Punamane said.

He however pointed out that the outbreak was also not an excuse to mistreat people or be disrespectful with people.

The life boat operators later called on the Port Security Chiefs for more education on rules and regulations governing the premises.

The Deputy Port Security Manager, Mr. Kingsley Darko, a security expert, Mr. Sammy Adjetey and the head of Intelligence Unit of the Port, Labaran Barry, sharpened their understanding of the truth on offences and fines approved by parliament.

Source: Ghana News Agency