‘Let’s use the Easter period to forgive one another’

Accra- Christians have been urged to constantly remind themselves of the essence of Easter, which is a period of forgiveness of sin, to endeavour to forgive one another and coexist peacefully.

Reverend Isaac Obed Asamoah, the Head Pastor of the Gospel Faith Ministries, in an Easter message, said Jesus Christ, the Founder of the Christian Faith, made a great sacrifice by dying on the cross some 2,000 years ago, so that mankind would be saved.

He said through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all the sins of mankind with its penalties, especially for those who believe, had been forgiven.

He said people should take the opportunity to live right with God and with their fellow human beings.

Rev Asamoah urged Christians to pray for an accident-free Easter, as many travelled during the period to visit their families or attend crusades to spread the Gospel.

Meanwhile, Pastor Christian Saah, a Lay-Pastor of the Church, in his Good Friday sermon, said Christ’s death bridged the gap between humans and their Creator.

He urged believers to rededicate their lives to God, who is ready to receive anyone, regardless of race, gender, nationality or status.

Source: Ghana News Agency