Today January 23, 2022

“Let loyalty lead” – Clergyman

Accra,- The Reverend Abraham Bruce, Head pastor of Christ Living Faith Miracle Ministry, has urged Christians to be loyal in all their endeavours.

He said because, it was the mark of good leadership.

Rev Bruce, in a sermon during the yuletide, said, “If you don’t understand the principles of loyalty, you don’t fit or qualify to be a leader. Because there will always be chaos in your leadership.”

“To fight disloyalty, the right person with the right qualification must be made a leader and also the fifth column has to be fought to pave way for loyalty to reign”, he said.

The fifth column, he said, were spies, agents, friends and supporters, who were discontented.

Rev Bruce advised the congregation to remain loyal to their leaders and followers to attract God’s blessings in the coming year, saying, “Let loyalty lead.”

Source: Ghana News Agency