Lebanese community awards scholarships to wards security personnel

Accra, The Lebanese community in Ghana has awarded 31 scholarships to wards of martyrs in various security services including the Police, Immigration and Prison Service at a ceremony held in Accra.

Mr Ali Halabi, the Lebanese Ambassador, said “it’s a great privilege for me to be with you to honor the sacrifices of the brave security men and women who gave their lives to preserve the security of Ghana”.

At an event held at the Police Headquarters, he said the Lebanese community, whose presence in the country dates over a century, highly appreciates the role played by the security services in restoring and preserving the internal security of Lebanon.

Mr Halabi said the community shares government’s vision of providing free and quality education, hence their support for education in the country and hopefully these students will contribute to the development of the country.

“Your government is leading and paving the way of creating an enabling environment for foreign investors to invest in the country. It is important that, as you welcome new investors into the country, efforts should be made to improve and strengthen ties with already existing investors,” he said.

Mr Ambrose Dery, the Interior Minister, who commended the Lebanese community for the gesture, said we are all aware of the reality of the harsh conditions of life for families who lose their main bread winner. Life has not been easy for these families and their wards hence the scholarships.

He praised the Lebanese community for investing in the economy of Ghana saying “many of them have made substantial investments in the economy of the country”.

Source: Ghana News Agency