Lante Dzan We celebrates Homowo Festival

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The chiefs and people of Lante Dzan We on Saturday celebrated their annual Homowo festival amidst drumming, dancing, and the firing of muskets.

Clad in red attire, the people led by Nii Lante Okropon VI, Chief of Lanate Dzan We (Trom Destiny), sprinkled “kpokpoi”, the traditional food of the Ga people, at some sacred places to ask the gods for a bumper harvest during the year.

Nii Okropon described the celebration as peaceful.

He called on the youth to desist from drug abuse to save their lives.

He said drug abuse amongst the youth did not only affect the individual but also had an impact on the socio-economic development of the country.

Nii Okropon advised students to desist from examination malpractices and develop comprehensive career goals that would prepare them for the job market.

He added that inefficient preparation of graduates for the job market had ushered most of them into abusing drugs, and there was the need for a more comprehensive approach to the rising incidence of drug abuse and mental health-related cases among others.

Nii Okrorpon advised students to be innovative and improve on their technological expertise to have competitive over their counterparts.

He appealed to the government to provide the community with potable water and other social amenities to improve upon their standards of living.

Source: Ghana News Agency