La-Dadekotopon: Jake Adjei-Kwei to contest in NDC parliamentary primaries

Jake Adjei-Kwei, parliamentary candidate hopeful for La-Dade Kotopon constituency, submitted his letter of intent to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) constituency executive committee on Monday 30th January 2023.

Magnus Sowah, the constituency chairman, received and acknowledged the letter and advised the aspirant to campaign on an issue-based platform.

Adjei-Kwei welcomed the constituency chairman’s advice and assured the entire NDC membership that he will campaign with decorum, free of name-calling, accusations, and insults.

He urged members to focus their efforts on winning the 2024 general elections, emphasising that the battle for the 2024 elections is not about NDC internal politics, but about defeating the inept NPP government and seizing power.

Jake Adjei-Kwei has held a number of positions in the constituency.

He has served as a branch treasurer, organizer, secretary, constituency organizer, elections director, and co-opted member.

Jake Adjei-Kwei is expected to pick up his forms when the party’s due date is announced.

Source: Ghana Web