“Kwesi Appiah destined to fail again” – Abbey Pobee

Accra- Mr. Jonathan Abbey Pobee, a veteran football administrator has said he is worried for Black Stars coach, Kwesi Appiah because of the bankrupt management team he is working under.

The president of Neoplan Stars Football Club said the current Management Committee of Black Stars were likely to lead Appiah into the pit for the second time as they lack the requisite expertise to manage the senior team.

In an interview with the GNA Sports, Mr Pobee said, with the benefit of hindsight, the Black Star Management Committee should have established at least a code of conduct for the team to forestall the consistent player indiscipline in the team.

From what happened in the Black Stars with bonus issues and other acts of indiscipline the management should have by now set a code of conduct for the team and must be published. So whoever is called is made to understand the conditions of service of Black Stars and if you accept it as player then you fill the forms to that effect.

By that we wouldn’t have players telling us they won’t accept amount given them as bonuses, he said.

This is why we had Wakaso and Acquah refusing to play in the Japan friendly. Before the friendly match, the Minister of Youth and Sport, Hon. Isaac Asiamah, came out to say Ghana was going to earn four hundred and fifty thousand dollars on the two friendly matches.

He made that budget and showed it to us, saying, we were not going to run at loss and that we were going to use those monies to pay our plane fare, and per diem. He told us that in every match, every player would take five thousand dollars and that was the statement he made.

And who took the decision that two thousand dollars to be paid to the players? So do you see why the Wakaso’s and the rest should not be blamed? All this happened because administrative lapses. If they (Management) had good managerial approach to issues these petty things shouldn’t be problem at all. Mr Pobee added.

If the Black Stars is not administratively bankrupt, by now they should have a solution to the constant player revolt by getting a code of conduct or ethics specifying how much bonus for official matches and friendly matches. And other ethical conducts for the players so that the players don’t dictate for us.

Kwesi Appiah is doing well, because he has started his job on a good note by trying to gather new sets of players for a new future for the team. He has sacked all the indiscipline players and that is good for us. But the sad thing is that, his management would fail him because they don’t know how to get the job done and have proven to be incompetent. Because you don’t see any structures they put in place to help the coach succeed, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency