Kwabre East MCE Must Ensure Judicious Use Of Our Common Fund

We have come across the report of the Auditor-General on the Management and Utilization of District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF) and other Statutory funds for the year ended 31 December, 2018 and Kwabre East municipal assembly has unsurprisingly been mentioned as one of the districts to have misappropriated funds otherwise meant to serve the needs of the assembly.

Our concern is premised primarily on the fact that some members of the same assembly had petitioned the assembly to halt the celebration of the Kwabre Anwenie festival as proceeds from an earlier celebration had been unaccounted for. In fact, they go on to emphasis the need to prioritize the pressing needs of residents rather than dissipate our meagre resources. It is therefore important that we bring to the attention of the assembly the need to judiciously utilize our common fund as we are engulfed by a litany of challenges in the municipality.

1. The Auditor-General on page 20 of the report cited Kwabre East for payments not fully accounted for to the tune of GH9,124. This is contrary to regulation regulation 39 of the Financial Administration Regulations (FAR), 2004 (L.I 1802) and was discovered after an assessment of 11 payment vouchers. The recommendation was that the amounts be recovered from the Coordinating director and finance officer.

2. On page 22 of the report, two (2) projects at 55.69% completion have been abandoned for 2-3 years according to the Auditor-General. It is worthy to note that this is after a payment of G24,119.49 had been made out of the total project sum of G88,203.22 and is contrary to section 52 of the Financial Management Act, 2016 (Act 921). These projects having been abandoned for non-payment of interim payment certificates, the assembly has gone ahead to award new projects. The recommendation therefore was that the assembly gives priority to the completion of these abandoned projects before awarding new ones.

3. Again, contrary to regulation 29 of the FAR, 2004 (L.I 1802), the Kwabre East municipal assembly made payments to the tune of GH80,668.33 for works done without work order and performance certificates. The Auditor-General’s recommendation was that the amounts be recovered from the coordinating director and finance officer; and also repair and maintenance works be supported with works order and performance certificates.

From the above, it is evident that the Kwabre East Municipal assembly headed by the Municipal Chief Executive is not sympathetic to our plight and the Assembly’s priorities are highly misplaced. From dilapidated school buildings to sanitation challenges, our problems as a municipality knows no bounds and so one would think that our meagre allocation of the common fund would rather be put to judicious use but that seems to be of no concern to our Municipal Chief Executive.

We therefore would like to call on the Municipal Chief Executive to strictly adhere to the recommendations by the Auditor-General and prioritize the needs of residents going forward. He must therefore ensure the judicious use of any future DACF allocations and/or disbursements to the Kwabre East Municipal Assembly as we will be following with keen interest to ensure that the good people of Kwabre East are not shortchanged.

Thank you.

Source: Modern Ghana