Kofi Annan, Amissah-Arthur honoured at All Souls Day Celebration

Accra, The Very Reverend Ishmael Ghansah, Minister In-Charge of the Airport Circuit of the Trinity Methodist Church, has called on Christians to open a new chapter by refraining from acts which hinder national development.

He said Christians will be doing disservice to the nation and God if they did not allow the teachings of Jesus Christ to reflect in their daily lives.

The Very Rev. Ghansah was speaking at the All Souls Day celebration of the Lashibi Funeral Homes in Accra.

All Souls Day celebrated on 2nd November is a holy day set aside to honour the faithful departed during the year and offer prayers for their souls.

Mr Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General, MrPaaKwesiBekoeAmissah-Arthur, former Vice President and Mr Vincent Charles Richard Arthur Cyril Crabbe were the prominent souls that were honoured.

The Very Rev. Ghansah urged Christians to have faith in God, their creator and serve Him with humility at all times.

He urged the bereaved families to put their trust in the Lord God Almighty since He will wipe away the tears and the sorrows in their faces.

The Very Rev. Ghansah expressed the hope that the souls of the faithful departed ones were resting peacefully in the Lord’s arms.

Dr Andrews Arkutu, Managing Director of Lashibi Funeral Homes and Crematorium, said this was the fourth time the Home was remembering the faithful departed souls.

He said if one dies, that does not mean the end of the family and that it behoves on every individual to know more about his creator to have eternal life.

Source: Ghana News Agency