Kindly bear with us and rescind your decision, we will solve every issue – Salam Mustapha calms angry TESCON

Salam Mohammed Mustapha, the newly elected National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party, has condemned the disenfranchisement of the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) in the just-ended national delegate’s conference of the party.

He pleaded with the leadership and the entire Confederacy to cool their tempers as they worked to resolve the issues.

Salam Mustapha disclosed that he became very disappointed after hearing the news noting that he was expecting more votes from the TESCON members.

“Personally, I was very upset and sad because I was going to get a lot of votes from them, I had done so much work with TESCON. I got a lot of calls from a lot of them shedding tears and it broke my heart.

“I want to plead with them to calm down, I understand their plan, let’s handle this well. We will definitely resolve the issues,” Mr. Salam pleaded.

The NPP’s tertiary youth wing, TESCON, was barred from voting at the 2022 national delegates conference of the NPP held at the Accra Sports Stadium on Saturday, July 16.

TESCON’s national executives in protest to what they described as disrespect suspended all party-related activities on various campuses until their voting rights have been restored.

“[NPP leadership] do not recognise us as the intellectual wing as it has always been professed by the party because for you to bus intellectuals from various regions for them to travel miles to the capital city of the country, risking their lives just to disenfranchise them without any reason is just disheartening.

“Until we see the said injunction, the one who placed the injunction and the reason for the injunction and also give us positive assurance to settle as soon as possible the ambiguity on TESCON Representations during Regional and National Conferences in the next Annual National Delegates Conference otherwise we will advise ourselves accordingly,” they stated.

The statement continues “Allocation of stands were made for all delegates with the exception of TESCON at Accra sports stadium which clearly indicates that the party did not factor us and never value us in the planning of the whole event.”

Source: Modern Ghana