Juaben Municipal Assembly in deadlock over election of Presiding Member

Juaben (Ash)- The Juaben Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region, has failed to elect a Presiding Member (PM) after two voting attempts, supervised by the Electoral Commission (EC).

None of the two contesting candidates – Mr. Joseph Kwaku Asare, representing the Achiase Electoral Area, and Mr. Richmond Owusu Kwarteng, a government appointee could secure the two-thirds majority votes required to become a winner, after two rounds of voting, held at Juaben.

Out of the 27 total ballots cast, Mr. Asare garnered 17 votes in the first and second rounds, while Mr. Owusu Kwarteng, his other contender, recorded seven and eight votes in the voting.

Consequently, the Assembly has scheduled another voting to be held in the next ten days.

Mr. Asare Bediako, the Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), presiding over the Assembly Meeting, said the rescheduling was in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Assembly, which states that; a two-thirds majority would have to be secured by a contesting candidate in order to be declared the winner.

He urged the Assembly members to prioritize the development agenda of the Municipality.

They should bury their political differences and work with unity of purpose to elect a Presiding as soon as possible to enable the Assembly discharge its mandate.

Source: Ghana News Agency