Jekora Ventures marks national sanitation day with a clean-up exercise

Accra Jekora Ventures, a waste management company on Saturday, embarked on a clean-up exercise at the Adabraka market to mark the National Sanitation Day on the month of August.

The exercise initiated by the management of the company, was also to provide the market women and environment with the requisite logistics needed to expedite the process of ensuring environmental cleanliness, as part of its corporate social responsibilities.

In an Interview with the GNA, Mr. Edward Awuyi, the Special Operations Manager for Jekora Ventures, said the exercise was a collaboration with the Korley Klottey Municipal Assembly, the assemblyman and the market women in the area, as all parties to ensure a good sanitary environment.

Mr. Awuyi bemoaned indiscipline among the people as one of the major problems with regard to sanitation in the country, adding that a more dedicated and rigorous approach would alleviate concerns.

We also want to champion the recycling of waste because we believe that something can be gained from the recycling process

Mr. Mohammed Norgah, the assemblyman in the area called for the sustainability of the sanitation day clean-up exercises and that the media had a role to play in masterminding the cause.

He said that punishments and sorts of penalties should be meted to culprits, found to have disposed wastes and plastics in the environment to serve as a deterrent to others.

The assemblyman emphasised on the need for the general public, particularly market women to be consistently educated on sanitation issues, the risks it poses and its necessity for a healthy life.

Mr. Norgah was optimistic that the exercise would yield good results in the course of time, to trigger a massive participation from the people on the next sanitation day exercise.

Source: Ghana News Agency