Jehovah Witnesses call on Christians to remain steadfast

Nkroful (WR), The English Congregation of the Jehovah Witnesses Assembly in the Western Region on Sunday ended a three-day annual regional convention with a call on Christians to remain steadfast in the face of persecutions in the world.

Brother Christopher Asamoah, Circuit Overseer who led the more than 1900 congregants and delegates, said the world continues to face wickedness and all kinds of bad practices due to the actions of man.

He said it was only when Christians kept to the faith, abhor bad practices and stood for what is right that they would experience real hope and joy in God Almighty Jehovah adding, Let us not give up in doing what is good as stated in Galatians 6:9.

Brother Asamoah urged Christians not to give up in these trying times it is time Christians experience trials, go through difficulties- bear it and apply Christian principles to succeed.

He said Jehovah God was a God of Precision and would work and bring to an end all forms of wickedness in the great Armageddon and bring eternal hope to the many faithful who would keep in the expectation of his great redemption.

The Jehovah Witnesses worldwide would be deliberating on the Don’t Give Up theme as a measure to strengthen their resolve to do what is expedient and which brings Glory to God.

Brother Yaw Darko-Afari, member of the Communication Department, said the crave for material things, peer pressure and the quest to get rich by all means continue to pose a challenge to good Christian life and entreated believers to be wise, stand up for the truth and exhibit good morals.

Do not be discouraged in practicing Christian principlesdo not lose the good valuesstand firm to the end, he said.

The Jehovah Witnesses has more than 8.3 million worshippers and 11900 congregations around the world- transmitting, educating and evangelizing in 910 languages.

Source: Ghana News Agency