Jean Mensah now knows that certain kindness can give someone a lot of worries

No matter how rich the Electoral Commission’s boss is or how the family loves her, Jean Mensah can never deceive Ghanaians that she is a happy woman.


I don’t have a third eye and I am neither a soothsayer nor a clairvoyant, yet, I know that Jean Mensah is not a happy woman because she is responsible for Ghana’s current economic and political disaster.


Since 2020 the Electoral Commission’s boss rigged the elections and refused to enter into the witness box to answer questions Ghanaians need, she has never been the same person again. Madam Mensah, you can’t call me a liar.


Jean Mensah, like all the Electoral Commission’s bosses, swore the oath on the Bible to exercise and protect the electoral rights of citizens of Ghana; make sure there are no violations of the election law, conduct checks on such appeals and take appropriate measures but she did the opposite.


I have no evidence against Jean Mensah to accuse her of taking a bribe from the NPP government to declare a rejected president a winner but I can say that the current political unrest is giving her sleepless nights.


The 2020 elections fiasco has never happened in the political history of Ghana before. The whole thing has been preplanned together with the Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah because Akufo Addo is aware that he is going to lose the presidential race.


Since the time Nana Akufo Addo was falsely declared the winner, the political and economical state of the country has been turned upside down. Nothing is working in Ghana at the moment.


Accusations and insults keep pouring on Jean Mensah and her family. This is very disturbing indeed. On January 25, 2020, I wrote the article “Stop Threatening The Life Of Electoral Commission’s Jean Mensah,” when Ghanaians showed their anger and frustrations on her.


But the situation hasn’t changed. Jean Mensah can smile, put on a happy face, and be guided by soldiers where ever she goes but deep inside her she is not a happy woman.


Nana Akufo Addo, as indicated in almost every article I have written is not a good leader capable of leading a country. I have proved this over and over, therefore, I am very happy that today’s current political and economic disasters are my witnesses.


He is a man who never listens to anyone. He is only interested in what he does whether is good or bad, he doesn’t care about that. He only appeared on the political scene to cause pain and suffering to the poor Ghanaians.


That is the kind of man the dishonest Jean Mensah has forced on Ghanaians as their president, learning a very hard lesson that not all kindness can make someone happy.


Things would have been better for the Electoral Commission’s boss if Nana Akufo Addo has been an efficient leader but he has failed every single Ghanaian, including her.


The truth is Jean Mensah’s trouble is far from over because the president she helped appears to be the worst in Ghana’s political history. He cuts sods for miracle projects and is good at creating multiple taxations but not jobs.


Source: Modern Ghana

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