JCI pays courtesy call on minister of youth and sports over youth volunteerism

Accra, Junior Chamber International (JCI), a youth volunteerism group, has paid a courtesy call on Mr. Isaac Kwame Asiamah, Minister of Youth and Sports (MoYS), in a bid to bring back the art of volunteerism into activities of the youth.

The visit also afforded JCI, headed by the country president Mr. Stephen Kwaku Darko and Abdel-Hadi, National vice president the opportunity to make known to government a 10-year volunteerism development plan for the country.

Mr. Asiamah said, it was time the youth rekindled the spirit of volunteerism in order to help boost productivity and development in the country.

“Some youth are interested in instant monetary rewards, whenever they are called upon to render services instead of considering whether their acts would be beneficial to society” he said.

According to the Minister “this negative attitude has contributed to slowing down the development of the country and the destruction of the environment through practices such as galamsey.

The Member of Parliament noted that, he was encouraged that we still had some determined young men and women who were poised for action and is assured that this country has a brighter future.

“The youth is the bedrock of the President’s transformational agenda, we have a new President who wants to transform this country and that depends on the youth.

“The youth are the economically active segment of the populationthey are the most productive segment of the population and have all the qualities, so Ghana can count on them, of which we are also encouraged by the projects the JCI wants to embark upon.

According to Mr. Asiamah, he has always spoken about patriotism and volunteerism, which are key values that are missing today.

He further urged the youth to be more involved in the act of volunteerism since that was how the nation was built upon.

“Now, whatever a young man does he wants a monetary reward instantly and that is not how this country was built, our fore-fathers built this country through patriotism and volunteerism.

“So let us get back to these core values that has bought us thus far” Mr. Asiamah added.

The Minister also assured the Vice President of JCI International, Reem Abdel-Hadi, of the ministry’s support, which he said was in line with the Private Public Partnership vision of the government.

“If we have a genuine partner like you that is prepared to support government with all these laudable projects, we would assist you in that line with the National Youth Actif you want to bring all these core values back we appreciate it and would support you,” Mr. Asiamah assured.

The vice president of JCI International, Madam Reem Abdel-Hadi had earlier informed the Minister that her outfit focuses on providing development opportunities for young people in over 120 countries to enable them become problem solvers in their societies.

She added that, the JCI, is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens between age 18 and 40.

Present at the meeting was Mr. Emmanuel Asigri, CEO National Youth, Dr. Owusu Ansah, Director of MoYS and Stephen Kwaku Darku President of JCI Ghana.

Source: Ghana News Agency