[INVNT GROUP] The Global BrandStory Project® Drives Web3 Innovation in World-First Collaboration with Lamborghini, Steve Aoki, Krista Kim, and RM Sotheby’s

The 1:1 NFT plus the last physical Aventador Coupé auction closed at $1.6MM – placing the purchase price in the top 10 brand new Lamborghinis ever sold at auction.

New York, NY, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — [INVNT GROUP] The Global BrandStory Project, in collaboration with Lamborghini, leading metaverse artist Krista Kim, 2x Grammy-nominated artist Steve Aoki, and the historied collector car auction house, RM Sotheby’s, sold the world’s first supercar 1:1 NFT connected to the last physical production supercar Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Coupé ever produced. Leading brands and organizations into the future of Web3, [INVNT GROUP] curated the strategic partnership and developed, designed, and produced the ‘Lamborghini Ultimate’ campaign globally.

Achieving 562MM+ Global Media Reach Impressions and 4.65MM+ Social Media Impressions, the exposure resulted in a closing auction bid of $1.6MM – over 3x the standard suggested retail of a Lamborghini Aventador Coupé – making it one of the 10 most expensive brand new Lamborghini’s ever sold at auction.

To achieve these results, [INVNT GROUP], led by President and CEO Scott Cullather, leveraged the skills and services of its digital innovation division, INVNT.ATOM™, its digital content studio, HEVĒ™, and team members across four of its nine offices, around the globe.

Committed to brand storytelling and boundless innovation, driven by strategy, design, and technology, The GROUP recently announced its expanding global presence through the Web3-focused digital innovation division, INVNT.ATOM, which powered the ‘Lamborghini Ultimate’ project, including the NFT production. INVNT.ATOM helps brands and organizations navigate, activate, and create new storytelling opportunities at the digital frontier. The team, located in INVNT’s Singapore office, consists of strategists, creators, and community-builders specializing in digital-first campaigns, emergent technologies, and engaging brand experiences calibrated for the new era of Web3.

“This collaboration, sitting at the intersection of art, music, entertainment, design, and technology, was an epic project for our group. It represents every aspect of our ongoing commitment to helping brands and organizations tell stories that connect with their most important audiences in engaging and relevant ways. Leveraging Web3 technology in partnering with Lamborghini, Steve, Krista, and RM Sotheby’s, we brought communities from around the world together in unimaginable ways,” Scott Cullather President and CEO of [INVNT GROUP]

INVNT.ATOM together with HEVĒ, [INVNT GROUP]’s creative agency and production studio, led the creative, strategy, design, content, and marketing communications. Through public relations, and social and influencer partnerships, the campaign reached a global audience of over 500MM+. HEVĒ spearheaded the creative direction and production of the Behind the Drop video featuring exclusive interviews with Krista Kim, Steve Aoki, and Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

In the historic campaign, Automobili Lamborghini auctioned the last production Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupé with a 1:1 NFT. Lamborghini and [INVNT GROUP] united three forms of art: design, music, and cutting-edge technology, to create a never-before-seen collaboration that will go down as one of the most prolific 1:1 NFT drops of the year.

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupé exclusive one of one was brought to life in both the NFT and physical car by contemporary artist Krista Kim, who created the visual artwork and her signature gradients. The gradients also appear in the bespoke customization of the physical Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupé, and NFT visionary artist Steve Aoki who consulted on the design of the NFT, physical car and provided a custom-developed soundtrack.

“We had this approach of: “how do we bring upon the higher states of consciousness, and how does that translate and transmute the beauty of the power in the V12 engine of Lamborghini. As a luxury super sports car company, I think that this company is really pioneering web3,” said Krista Kim.

Steve Aoki continues, “I’m honored to be partnering with Lamborghini, Krista Kim, and [INVNT GROUP] on this historic project. It truly has its own story, & therefore I wanted my music track to reflect its soulful energy – the vibe, the spirit, and the power. The digital imprint of who we are has a serious meaning to our lives. As we step into web3, having identity through things like NFTs, like this car, are going to be more and more important to us.”

An exclusive preview of the NFT was hosted on BZAR Future of Community™, [INVNT GROUP]’s patent-pending, decentralized, content-led metaverse; established as a marketplace for physical and digital transactions, NFTs, entertainment, social, and gaming experiences.

The owner of the world’s first super sports car 1:1 NFT now holds in their possession the first-ever Lamborghini luxury super sports car for Web3; with capabilities via the exclusive GLB files, the winner can drive the one of a kind NFT in the Web3 platform of their choice pending platform mechanics.

Marking the end of an incredible era for Lamborghini; the brand is now looking to the future and electrifying its complete line-up by 2024. As Lamborghini charges into the digital era the lucky owner will be part of the brand’s legacy, owning the last naturally aspirated V12 Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupé, and the exclusively designed NFT – the first Lamborghini luxury super sports car for Web3.

“Partnering with [INVNT GROUP], Steve Aoki and Krista Kim on the design and production of this incredible moment in Lamborghini’s history – the very last Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupé ever produced was amazing. These creative minds coming together to design and produce, the 1:1 physical super sports car and NFT package with one of a kind utilities, has created something very special that can be shared for generations to come – making it part of Lamborghini’s iconic legacy,” Christian Mastro, Marketing Director, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.



[INVNT GROUP] was established in 2020, as an evolution of the founding global live brand storytelling agency INVNT in 2008, with a vision to provide consistent, meaningful, well-articulated BrandStory across all platforms. With offices in New York, Sydney, London, Singapore, Dubai, San Francisco, Stockholm, Detroit, and Washington D.C.; headed by President and CEO, Scott Cullather, [INVNT GROUP], THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT represents a growing portfolio of complementary disciplines designed to help forward-thinking organizations everywhere, impact the audiences that matter, anywhere. The GROUP consists of modern brand strategy firm, Folk Hero; creative-led culture consultancy, Meaning; production studio & creative agency, HEVĒ; events for colleges and universities, INVNT Higher Ed; digital innovation division, INVNT.ATOM; and the original live brand storytelling agency, INVNT. For more information visit www.invntgroup.com

About Lamborghini

The name Lamborghini signifies not only the most coveted and exceptional cars, with technology and rarity, but true masterpieces that have made history. For more information visit www.lamborghini.com

About Krista Kim

Dubbed as a pioneer in bridging the gap between the real and virtual world. Krista creates immersive digital art through technology as an artistic medium to produce next-gen masterpieces for a new world. For more information visit www.kristakimstudio.com

About Steve Aoki

Hailed as NFT royalty in the crypto community and on the global stage, Steve Aoki is a 2x – Grammy-nominated music producer, artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, Guinness World Record holder, NFT visionary, and one of the most successful cross-genre artists in the world, with a 77 million average monthly reach across all his platforms he is a leading creator that embodies innovation and exceptional masterpieces. For more information visit www.steveaoki.com

About RM Sotheby’s

RM Sotheby’s is the world’s leading collector car auction house. With over 40 years of proven results in the collector car industry, RM’s vertically integrated range of services, from auctions (live and online) and private sales to estate planning and financial services, coupled with an expert team of Car Specialists and an international footprint, provide an unsurpassed level of service to the global collector car market. RM Sotheby’s is currently responsible for the most valuable motor car ever sold at auction. For more information visit https://rmsothebys.com/

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