International stability operations company Janus Global Operations provides full sponsorship for “The Bigger Picture” African anti-poaching project

LONDON, Dec. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Janus Global Operations (JGO), an international stability operations company, has become a full sponsor of The Bigger Picture, a United Kingdom-based project to help combat the poaching of African animals.

Janus Global Operations

The Bigger Picture is an anti-poaching project being conducted by wildlife artist Freddy Paske and photographer David MacKay. Paske and Mackay, who both served in the British Army, are using their post-military professions of art and photography, with their newly appointed documentary filmmaker Dieter Deswarte to spend a month working with a Zambian anti-poaching team in the field. Through their respective mediums of art, photography and film, they will create an impartial documentary of what life is like on the front line of conservation. If the carnage caused by poaching isn’t stopped, says the African Wildlife foundation, “At current poaching rates, elephants, rhinos, and other iconic African wildlife may be gone within our lifetime.”

The Bigger Picture project will begin in Feb. 2017 and take a year to complete. During the project Paske, Mackay, Deswarte will travel to Zambia to visit Kafue, one of Africa’s largest national parks, where it will chronicle the poaching problem and the work and dangers faced by Africa’s anti-poaching units.

Money raised through the team’s artwork, film documentary and donations will go towards keeping those involved in anti-poaching safe through the provision of professional training and equipment.

“JGO is delighted to provide a full sponsorship to ‘The Bigger Picture’ project,” said Dale Allen, JGO vice president of commercial operations. “Janus has nine offices in Africa, so a natural cohesion of interest exists between JGO and the dedicated team working on The Bigger Picture.

“We at JGO understand the necessity of protecting Africa’s wildlife and are pleased to play a role in what The Bigger Picture will accomplish to help counter the threat poaching poses to Africa’s future,” Allen added.

“One of our corporate goals is to help improve the quality of life in the places where JGO works,” Allen said, “and we’re very pleased with the opportunity to make such a contribution through sponsorship of The Bigger Picture.”

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